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Washing And Storage Equipment
The washing and storage equipment generally includes the dishwasher machine, hand wash sink, storage racks, etc. These are helpful in storing different kitchens and other items in a secured way.
Trolley And Carts
The trolley and carts play an essential role in keeping and supplying the freshly made dishes and beverages to the customers rooms. These are used as hospitable equipment. Used in hotels, hospitals etc.
Exhaust System
The exhaust system is installed in the residential as well as the commercial kitchens for preventing the cook from feeling suffocated while cooking or preparing dishes. it also looks decorative.
Catering Equipment
The catering equipment is the collection of various stalls for making, displaying, desirable dishes to the people. It is used for offering the freshly made items. Made with high quality material and thus, resilient.
Preparation Equipment
Preparation equipment are the kitchen appliances that are used to cook or prepare the dishes. These offered appliances are efficient in nature and assist in saving time.
Bakery Equipment
Bakery equipment deals with all those appliances or machines that are used to prepare the baked food items. These help in completing the complex procedures of baking tasks easily and speedily.
Bar Equipment
The bar equipment has the necessary stuffs of the bar sector that are used for keeping, displaying, storing the drink bottles. These look decorative and are designed to suit the look of bar counters.
Kitchen Equipments
The kitchen equipment is used for lessening the workload of the kitchens. These have become beneficial and popular as they help in saving time and completes the distinct kitchen work with high efficiency.
SS Table And Rack
From work table to rack, we have everything that is needed in a commercial kitchen to carry out certain tasks. The SS table and rack are needed for storage, vegetable chopping, sorting items, preparing dishes, like sandwich and burger, and much more.

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